Netbooks – The Future of Computing

A netbook is a basically a mini laptop ideal for viewing emails, documents, watching DVDs, playing music, and other such small task applications on the go. Personally, I own a netbook and use it to browse the internet and play my DVDs. As a main computer, I have a macbook pro. However, my Q2 MSI Wind netbook serves as a travel companion; allowing me to stay connected to my friends and family and have fun.


Physically speaking, a netbook usually has a screen that is 10 inches or smaller. The processor is also usually an Intel Atom processor, which has low power consumption and is ideal for basic computing. The Ram and hard drive space are also sufficient for the everyday computer (i.e 512MB of ram, 80GB hard drive). Some of the netbooks have solid state hard drives, which basically translates to “no moving part” hard drives. These hard drives can endure bumps and falls and will not break because they are flash memory. The downside is that netbooks only feature either 8GB or 16 GB hard drives. Netbooks also have no CD drive and as a result, a computer cannot install software easily. However, since USB drives are included, a person can just connect an external CD/DVD drive to their computer.


Most netbooks feature Windows XP and run fast and great. However, I have also seen netbooks that run Linux; rather it is a custom distribution of linux that is tailored by the manufacturer of the netbook. I personally like Linux because I do not have to worry about viruses and for me, it is just easier to operate. The preference depends on the type of person and their experience with computers.


A netbook is a great computer with good power and performance to be an able companion on a long trip. The battery life is about 4 hours and can be longer with an upgraded battery. I highly recommend for the traveling type of people to get a netbook.

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An Insight Into the World of Cyber Forensics


Mention crime and we think of robberies, murders and detectives examining the crime scene, interrogating witnesses and finally nailing the guilty.

But there is, however, another kind of crime, where traditional methods of criminal investigation fall flat on its face. Instances like hacking, cyber fraud, phishing, identity and data theft, all account as cyber crime. Cyber crime can be defined as an illegal electronic operation that target the security of computer systems and data processed by them. Even though it may appear that the effects of cyber crime are not life threatening, they have the potential to disrupt life. A survey in UK inferred that people were more scared of their bank accounts being hacked or credit card details stolen over the internet, than they were of robberies. There have been numerous cases, wherein people have been vulnerable to cyber crime in one way or the other. Crime can never be eradicated, but it can be prevented with the help of effective security to information. Whenever cyber crimes are committed, cyber forensic experts enter the scene and try to sniff out the clues and help in catching the culprits.

Skills and Tools

A cyber forensic expert is supposed to be adept in network security because most cyber crimes take place over networks. They should be competent in data recovery and encryption, because data and passwords are the targets of information theft. The experts should also be aware of cyber laws as most of the cases can got to court, where the forensic expert would be calles either as a witness or an examiner. A cyber forensics expert need not necessarily have to deal with computers all the time. Depending on the nature of cases and crime committed, the experts have to work on mobile phones, PDA’s, USB drives, media players, etc.

When it comes to corporate houses, they don’t really tend to trust the cops. They guard their systems and data by hiring the services of experts in information securities, such as Agape Inc. Also the process of collecting evidence after a cyber crime has been committed is not a cakewalk. Lot of care needs to be taken while collecting the evidence and processing them, as the loss of even an electron of information could mean that the data would not stand up to legal scrutiny. Of course, the job of forensic experts is very difficult, but they are assisted by some tools which help in processing the data quickly. The cyber forensic tools are software packages that can be used to preserve the state of storage devices or extract data from them. These softwares fall in 3 categories:

1. Open source software

2. Proprietary software

3. Tailor-made software for specific needs, designed by companies.

Courses and Career Path

The field of cyber forensics is still evolving and there is a lot of confusion on the part of students who are interested in pursuing this as a career option. To be good in this field, one needs to master various disciplines.Not only should they be experts in examining an evidence, they should also know the legal procedures of presenting the evidence in the court. For example, a cyber forensic expert would work on computer networks as well as network security. This means that network security certifications from renowned institutes/companies are essential for the candidate, to provide a good starting point.

A career in cyber forensics can be sought both in public and private sector. In the public sector, people are mostly absorbed into law enforcement agencies, state forensic departments and central agencies. In private sector, the scope for cyber forensic experts is immense as many experts would be required to detect and solve the increasing cyber crimes. Also, after sufficient experience, professionals can divert into freelancing and become independent security consultants.

Thus the job of a cyber forensic expert is a mixture of a cop and a geek, which is challenging and interesting, for committed professionals.

The author is a technology trainer and consultant who helps businesses build their online brand. His key passion apart from writing articles is Web 2.0 technologies and re-creating value for living. If you feel Sameer can be of any help to you, please send an email

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How to Pick a Quality Host

While affordability is very important in making a selection of web hosting site, you still must select the host that is best at meeting your particular needs. If you understand your goals and do some comparison shopping among the many web host competitors, you will easily find an affordable hosting site. An economical host is great, so long as you are getting all of the services that you need. Among these essential services that the hosting site should offer is strong customer support.

When having an online presence is indispensable, but cash flow isn’t quite up to what any webmaster would like it to be, affordable website hosting services can really come to the rescue. As any entrepreneur is well aware, it’s smart to shop for services, and if you’re building a website, you’ll be shopping for website hosting that’s affordable.

One point of major importance, is considering affordable web site hosting for small entrepreneurs. It is important to base your selection of a web site hosting partner on the research of cost, equipment, connection and their morals. It is possible to locate an inexpensive web hosting solution that will cover each of these aspects and will extend quality service. This is exactly what you should be viewing.

Hosting services will also give a variety of bandwidth that is available. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from your site to your users. Every time someone visits your website, they use your bandwidth as data transfer takes place.

There are two major features with a website plan, which consist of how much disk space allowed on your domain (the amount of file space the website will use) and also how much bandwidth you are given every month.

Affordable web hosting is something that many people are searching for. Affordable website hosting is the most vital part of any website’s plan for its development. Having a good, dependable, affordable web host is the first step to your success. If you plan to spend time on anything, using some time to find good and affordable web hosting is a fine investment.

In attempting to locate a web host, cost effective web hosting is the goal, however, it is also paramount in selecting a plan that will meet your needs. Cost effective web site hosting is simple to locate if you are aware of your needs and you make a price comparison between web host competitors. An additional consideration in making your selection is the customer support services. This is of particular importance when we consider affordable web site hosting for small business. Each time a user visits your site, they make use of your bandwidth as data transfer occurs.

— Tem Balanco

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Using Web Site Statistics to Increase Your Traffic

Using Web Site Statistics to Increase Your Traffic

Most people don’t understand how to use the statistics on visitor traffic generated automatically by a web site server. By properly reporting and analyzing your statistics, you can target weak or unattractive areas on your site and determine why your visitors are coming.

Using Logfile Traffic Statistics for Your Web Site

Your first and most important step for increasing web site traffic is analyzing the statistics in your log files. There are numerous commercial programs for doing this, some very pricey; but if your web site isn’t incredibly large, you can use Analog, which is as good as any of the commercial programs and better than many.

Analog goes through your log files and automatically generates reports giving you information such as who your web site visitors are; how many unique visitors you’ve had; what sections of your site they are visiting the most; and how they are searching for sites like yours on search engines. The reports are easy to read and analyze, and generate very quickly.

Traffic Statistics Target Web Site Weak Spots

The hard part is targeting your weak spots. Now that you have your report, ask yourself questions such as: what is my intended market? Are they the ones who are visiting? If not, who is? How are they looking for me in search engines — what key words are pulling up my site? For instance, if you are running a travel agency web site focusing on pulling international visitors to places in the United States, and 85% of your unique site visitors are from America, you probably have a problem.

You can also look at peak usage time and the amount of traffic at those times, which can give you valuable information on whether your customers are aware you have new information out for them; whether you need to purchase more web space or more bandwidth for your site; and even when you might want to put special offers out on the web site.

Web Site Traffic Statistics In Action

Here’s a test case: Joe owns a specialized toy shop and sells online. He runs his web statistics and finds that most of his online customers are coming from New York City; that the most frequently-used term turning up his site on search engines is “Model train”; and that most of his visitors stop by on Saturday afternoon.

He compares this information with other marketing information and decides most of his customers are from New York because of a very successful ad he placed in a free weekly paper there (so determines to do the same for other parts of the country); that he probably has too much information on “model trains” on his homepage; and that since his visitors peak on Saturday but his sales peak on Tuesday, that it might be a good idea to run one-day specials on Saturdays to encourage more purchasing on that day.

Bonus: he ties the one-day special to a registration for an emailed newsletter, which he plans to send out every Wednesday to try to spread out his traffic a little — he’s getting close to maximum bandwidth usage on Saturday.

Emulate Joe. Use web site traffic statistics to enhance your overall marketing program. — Jamie Wilson

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How to Understand and Profit Best From RSS

RSS is a simple to use publishing tool, delivering internet content to subscribers. If you are not yet using RSS to keep yourself up to date with the best and accurate information available on the web, then you should start today! You will never have to check your favorite sites manually every day. Once you start subscribing to your preferred RSS feeds, you will be informed just in time the news occur and it will save you a lot of valuable time you can better use to follow your important business tasks.

I have done some research on RSS and put together this short report in order to help you to understand and set up RSS fast without much effort. If you want to read the full story about RSS, go to Wikipedia and check the two recommended links in my bio.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences, while eliminating short comings of delivery channels, such as e-mail. RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds, i.e. simple files structured in XML format which enables internet content publishers to easily deliver information about their specific content to end-users.

In a way, this can be best compared to e-mail content alert services, which send you an e-mail message every time content you are interested in is published on a specific web site, letting you know that a new article you are interested in is available on the Web. You certainly notice these square orange buttons with the white point and 2 white stripes, found almost on every blog and other interactive site. To start receiving RSS-Feeds, you need a “News Reader”, a piece of software that checks the feeds and lets you read any new article that has been added.

The main two versions are accessed using a browser (like Firefox) or downloadable applications that let you store content on your computer. The browser version is far enough for the beginning and to stay top informed. I recommend downloading the free Google Reader which constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for fresh content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you are informed instantly. Others are Windows RSS Reader and Mac-NetNewsWire.

Once you are set up, Right-Click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you. Then select Copy Shortcut (“Copy Link to Clipboard” for Mac, “Copy Link Location” for Firefox browsers) and paste that URL into your RSS Reader. You are done and are now subscribed to get alerts every time new content or information is made available.

Autoresponders are a great marketing tool but the success or failure remains with your prospects which more and more are reluctant to give you their e-mail address. With RSS you have the same power than with an autoresponder, but without the fear people have with e-mail. RSS has 100% content delivery and Spam Filters do not matter anymore. With RSS you can easily deliver daily or even hourly news to your subscribers. Using personalisation, you have the same power as with an autoresponder.

Here are some examples how RSS can be used effectively: Direct Marketing, Ezine Publishing, Lead Generation, Monetising your Reports and eBooks, General Advertising, etc. For example, Amazon uses RSS to announce their best sellers to their subscribers. You can do the same with your Newsletter, Ezine or any other information you want to spread in your niche market.

RSS connects people in real time, your content can be published on other websites and therefore increasing your traffic and Search Engine rankings. It helps you to generate new Subscribers, increase your affiliate sales and to get valuable feedback. Use RSS to deliver information and directions to your affiliates and business partners.

RSS is free, fast and present everywhere – make use of it, take advantage for your business or just to facilitate your work day. An RSS promotion starts on your website and it is there, where you invite your visitors to subscribe to your feed. Therefore place the RSS button at the best possible place. I hope this article has given you a good insight on RSS and its tremendous marketing power.

Martin Bigler is an experienced Copywriter and offers Resources, Tools and Educational Content to help interested People build their Internet Business successfully. His Educational Martin Bigler Newsletter offers profound step by step guidance on various Marketing and Sales Tasks. A big selection of Free Reports, Downloads and useful Links are available at The Marbika.Biz eBook Store offers a great variety of hot Niche eBooks at bargain prices.

Recommended Links:
RSS Content Builder, Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS

Copyright by Martin Bigler.

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Site Build It – Is it Worth Buying It?

Ken Evoy the creator of Site Build It stands 100% behind his product, “BUT” does it really perform the way he insists it does?

There are many people and small companies out there who wouldn’t be adverse to buying site build it but even with Ken’s iron clad 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee, surely that’s nowhere near the time span needed to build a business presents online.

No of cause not the 30 day money back guarantee tryout is so you can see for yourself what the real value of site build it and the resources of the SBI community are to you.

After trying ken’s system out for 30 days I came to realize the full potential and above all the realization of actuality being able to compete with the more savvy webmasters out there in cyberspace.

It’s not about overnight success that just does not happen for any business. Ken and his team show you how your web site should be constructed for the best possible start in life. Simple yet powerful ways are given to you on a plate, regardless of your knowledge of web sites or the workings off Google MSN or Yahoo search engines, all this is taken away from you.

The site build it system is geared towards you only providing the content for your web site, the actual workings of is taken care on the site build it back end. So is Buying Site Build It Worth It?

Yes most definitely.

Once you get use to the workings of using the easy to understand web site builder, and constructing your site with the simple system that Ken teaches you, the back end autopilot kicks in, let me explain. Each time you add content to your site, at the bottom of the user interface there are three buttons, the first is preview, the seconded is Analyze it and the third is Build it.

Pushing the Preview it button shows you your work, the page you have just been working on.
If you are happy with your work grate close the preview window.

The next step would be to Analyze It. This is where the system sorts out all your SEO mistakes, soon as you push the Analyze It button up pops a report on the page you just designed. This report tell you all the things you need to adjust for your page to be search engine friendly.

The last step for you to do once you have put right any mistakes you may have made, is to build it. Pushing this button makes it all happen, no need to worry about what ftp is or how to upload a web site.

The site build it system takes care of that for you, you only need to know how to push a button. Once you do this your new Web Pages will be added to your site and all the major search engines will be notified thorough world submitter automatically for you. Buying Site Build It – Is it Worth It? Ho yes with the 30 day money back guarantee it is. You get to play with the system and build the makings of your own web site and then if you’re not happy with your results of your efforts. All you need to do is let Ken know and your refund is given immediately upon your request.

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Web Design Templates – are You Ready for Cloning?

Web Design Template Clones

There are thousands of Web design template sites on the Net. Finding the right templates can make page construction easy as cake. All you need to do is some minor customization and then you can splash your content online. However, apart from this use, where the template is being used like a clever kind of stationary, Web design templates offer mostly disadvantages.

Writers of ad copy claim that what sells is not a fancy site with impressive graphics, but rather, written ad copy.

One of the many disadvantages of Web design templates is that they almost all suffer from overusing graphics. The graphics are often large file sizes that suck up bandwidth and increase loading time. Worse yet, pretty butterflies, skyscrapers, or forests on the periphery of your site, detract from the focus of your content. Graphics should be more than pretty objects adorning your site’s space.

Template sellers know that these graphics are appealing to those without design know-how, so using them makes the templates sell better. However, many of these same designers would rarely use such large graphics in a well designed site! Or, could it be that the designers selling templates couldn’t sell their custom designs because they don’t really understand their art, and thus have been driven to sell templates?

Web Design Templates Are Not Optimized

By its nature, a Web design template is not yet set up for your business needs. In today’s online markets, sites spend enormous resources on optimizing their Web page code and content to achieve higher rankings in search engine results. One marketing study recently concluded that around 40% of all online sales derive from search engine searches. This makes search engine site optimization highly important.

In fact, search engine site optimization is a constant battle because the engines constantly change their criteria for ranking search results. Because of this, your site should be designed with future changes in mind. Any site built to make future optimization easy will need to use cascading style sheet (CSS) technology. These are documents that tell a browser how to display a Web page.

CSS documents contain all of the style guidelines for a site or page, such as font sizes, colors, and everything pertaining to the look and feel and method of presentation. The HTML part of your site then only needs to contain the structure of your design.

Many templates do not use CSS. If you do purchase a template, try to determine if the template uses CSS. If it doesn’t, decide if paying for the template now is convenient in terms of just getting up and running, because you won’t be using it later, once you’ve had to change your site 2 or 3 times.

In fact, almost any Web designer you might hire would trash the whole template and start from scratch in order to provide you with a real site – provided you don’t meet with a designer who’s going to pawn off a customized template as if it were a unique and personal design. You have noticed all the cloned sites online, haven’t you?

Web design is one of the few trades where the term repeat business doesn’t necessarily mean the “designer” is servicing the same customer a second time. The designer may be serving the same product to a second customer if they aren’t ethical or prideful about their work. Make sure you’re getting a 100% unique site built.

Generic Web Design Templates Diminish Branding

Businesses benefit from branding, the effect caused by their company and products becoming familiar through their look and feel. If you use a template, which uses space in a very standard way, and which has no unique color theme, you lose out on much of the branding channel that you need to develop to become a highly successful online business.

Templates might be OK for getting up and running to test an idea, or to quickly go online with some information, but otherwise, expect to move past them in the long run!
— Ian Hess

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Building a Review Website the Easy Way

In the past one of the most effective ways to sell an affiliate product was to create a pre-sell webpage. The idea was to warm your prospect up before passing them through to your affiliate sales dates. Today building a review website is also an effective way to sell more affiliate products. In this article let’s take a look at how you can do that very easily.

1. You need a product to sell. This is pretty easy to find when you look at affiliate programs such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon, and so on.

There is no shortage of products to sell when it comes to affiliate marketing on the Internet today. One key point to keep in mind is that you try and target a niche which will enhance your review website capabilities.

2. You need a domain name. Your domain name should include keywords that specifically identify the product you are representing.

The importance here is that you do not use the bulky website URL that comes from the affiliate program you are in. You want a targeted domain name that you own.

3. You need website hosting. There are many options available for hosting today, but the main thing is that you choose hosting that is very easy to set up your review website.

Many hosts today offer pre-made templates that are very easy to plug into. To make your review website look more professional you will want to include graphics that you have designed including your own header and footer.

4. You need to write the review. The key thing to writing your review is to write from the heart. Include facts and opinions about the product you are reviewing. The best way to do this is to purchase the product and write from a position of experience.

This is a few things to keep in mind when building a review website. You will find this to be a much easier way to sell your affiliate products than using a replicated affiliate program website.

Get Custom Made Product Review Affiliate Websites Every Month Niche Review Templates

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Web Design is the First Results Based Art

Web Design is an Art

Web design fuses text with the graphic arts, with technology, with business, with advertising, with just about everything. It is the world’s premiere art form. You can display everything from fine art, to political commentary, to porn on a Web site. And often all three at the same time. While trying to fuse so much together, Web designs more often confuse the viewer.

If Web Design is Art, Then We Should Learn What Art Is

My neighbor’s 4 year old pre-schooler brought home a scribbled picture of a tree. She put it up on the altar of childhood art appreciation: the refrigerator front door. I was over for coffee and happened to notice this fantastic piece of art and I began to rave about how she should make sure the little tyke should be groomed as an artist.

She looked at me after a time and bluntly uttered the truth. “Its just a little kid’s scribbled tree! How can you even begin to imagine it has so much potential? ”

In truth, I’m often WOW-ed by the art of little kids. Its because they see things adults have been taught not to see any more. Let me explain what this little kid had drawn.

The scribble started at the bottom of the page, and ran right up, past the bulk of the trunk with only a quick hesitation of doubt double lining that side of the trunk. Then the line began to scribble a big mass above this one sided trunk, for a long time, you could tell! One constant and joyfully physical, exerted and exasperating line, full of tons of energy. The result perfectly represented the bulk of this tree’s canopy.

It was highly dense and dark in the middle, and progressed to a very light and bouncy exterior. Finally, flecks and gouges of almost page penetrating pencil marks punctuated the canopy, like the few scintillating glimmers of light and birds we see stuck in trees everyday.

Even the single line trunk told me the truth about the appearance of a tree: the lit side had no line, instead blending into the background, just as the lit side of all objects does.

It takes an adult artist years to discover how to again see and then capture these kinds of details. But that’s art. Art is the process of representing things like trees. It is not the result.

Web Design is the Process/Art of Providing Results

We all too often associate creativity with vague results. If someone draws some pretty lines and colors, and the overall effect is kind of cool, we can call that art. And it probably is, even if it does fall pretty far from the tree.

The term Web design can be taken literally to mean creating a Web of designs.

What I mean by that is that Web pages are about presenting the results surfers are looking for. More often than not, new visitors to your Web design will have found your page through a list of search engine results. More than ever before, your artwork, your Web design’s front page, needs to satisfy that surfer with results paired to the term they just searched for.

In other words, if a surfer types the word “tree” into a search engine, and a result pops up for your Web site that states: “This site is about the marvel of trees and everything relating to them! ” Then when that surfer gets to your site, it had better be about trees and everything related to them.

The content of your Web design needs to be related to keyword search results in a way that provides those results. If you don’t know what the keywords are that your site is being designed to serve, then you have no idea what Web design is about, even if you think you’re an adult expert on Web design!

If you don’t know Web design is a results based art, then you’re just like the mother who can’t recognize the genius of her own child. How could you possibly know how to groom your baby for the best results?
— Ian Hess

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Web Design for Your Future Self

Web Design is About Profit

The greater the number of customers, the more profitable the Web design is. So why do so few Web design professionals spend the time to make their sites accessible to the disabled? The same Web design professionals who test their sites against every build of every browser on the market refuse to serve up accessible Web designs.

Web Design for the Disabled

I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m just trying to make a point here. The disabled have to make a living just like everyone else. But, many of the severely disabled do spend a lot more time at home than others, and a great number of disabled people are retirees who often spend more time at home because they can! Granted, my father is retired and spends less time at home than he did during his career as a traveling salesman. But, I notice that his wife is always home because she has mobility issues.

Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to enjoy the Internet phenomenon in its fullest accessibility, just like non-disabled people do? Can you imagine the instant impact your site has on a disabled person when they find it is entirely accessible to them? Can you say returning client?

Accessibility creates a business edge! Why wouldn’t businesses be leaping to this competitive edge?
The Number of Disabled People Will Continue to Grow, So Should Accessible Web Designs

Not only are the baby boomers aging and retiring but we now also have a growing class of disabled veterans. Casualties are not as common in this war because technology can save the severely wounded from dying.

What could be more patriotic than creating Web designs that allow our nearly fallen men and women access to some of the tools that will allow them to function more effectively from home?

Home bound disabled people can live rich lives by taking advantage of home based business. But not so easily if nobody’s designing accessible sites.

My Personal Web Design Accessibility Gripe!

In all honesty, I like to curl up on the couch and use the computer to read news. Frequently I can’t read the small fonts on the news sites while further away from my monitor. So, I flick my browser’s menu to the “Largest” font size. But, these Web pages are, more often than not, set to use only the designated font size. I’m not exactly disabled and even I hate inaccessibility. I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating this must be to someone with impaired and uncorrectable vision problems.

Multi-millionaires Are Just as Often Disabled as the Poor

I deeply respected one of the brokers where I used to work. His name was Tim. All his clients loved him. Tim was my customer service idol. He served everyone with immense grace, earning every dollar by falling over backwards for his clients. I recall thinking to myself that Tim was so rich he could easily get away with leaving some of his clients unsupported on a bad stock market day, as some brokers have been known to do. But this is the last thing Tim would ever do.

Because Tim knew I held the same sense about serving customers as he did, he would call on me, and only me, anytime he or one of his clients had a problem. One day he finally presented me with a problem that was too difficult. I had to come upstairs to his machine.

When I got to his screen it was set to “High Contrast, Extra-large.” All of the windows were gigantic, and all the colors were in black and white. This is an accessibility setting provided with Microsoft Windows for the visually impaired.

Tim must have accidentally set his windows to this setting when playing around trying to find a fix to his other problem, so I offered to fix that first…. It was exceedingly embarrassing to be told by him that he kept his screen on that setting because he was nearly blind.

The TRUTH About Accessibility Web Design

Folks, we’re all blind. We think disabled people are rare. They’re not. They’re everywhere. CORRECTION. We’re everywhere. I say we, because I hope to grow old until parts of my body slowly cease to function as I get every last moment out of this biological machine.

Yet, instead of accepting that the human machine is not always perfect, and all human machines eventually wear down, we stigmatize disability as if it will never affect us, personally.

Avoid designing for accessibility and you’re not only reducing your current profits due to an ignorant prejudice, but as well, you’re screwing your future self.
— Ian Hess

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