Web Design Graphics Resources for Your Online Business

Why Does my Online Business Need Web Design Graphics?

If you are planning to design and build a web page for your online business, graphics will be an important aspect of your site. Graphics are one of the fundamental elements of any well designed web site. Graphics can include, but are not limited too images, backgrounds, buttons and navigation bars. They are a powerful tool to make your web site more visually appealing and oftentimes easier to navigate.

Where Can I Find Web Design Graphics for my Online Business Web Site?

There are many sources available to you in finding graphics of all sorts for your online business web site. One good place to begin is with your web hosting provider. Depending on which company you work with, many will offer you excellent tools and graphics to assist you in building your web page free of charge with your service.

If your web hosting provider does not offer free graphics and accessories for your web site, or you are still seeking more, there are other resources available to you as well. There are many web sites on the internet that offer an abundant variety of web design graphics, many of them free of charge. One site to begin with is www.animationfactory.com. This web site offers a plethora of animated images available for use on your web site, some of them free although many require a membership fee.

Another web site that you may find useful is www.flamingtext.com. This site contains some free images, and is also a development tool that will allow you to design and build banners and other graphics for your web site.

What if I want to Design my Own Graphics for my Web Site?

If you wish to design your own graphics, there are many many options available to you. If you are Windows user, one of the first ways to begin is through Paint, a standard feature on Windows operating systems. This will allow you to create Bitmap files which can be utilized with your web page. BMP extension images are not the most commonly used images on the internet, however. The two most common file extensions for internet images are GIF and JPG.

These are both highly compressible formats which allow you to host quality images while keeping the file size as low as possible. File size is an important aspect of web graphics, as you are often limited in storage space and bandwidth traffic, and smaller image sizes also allow for faster page loads.

In terms of quality, JPG format files will be able to handle higher quality images in its format. This format generally also takes up more room than a GIF, however. A GIF can only handle 256 colors, but if you are working with an image that does not contain very many colors then a GIF is most likely the right format for that image. GIF images can also be animated and made transparent, two functions lacking in JPG format images. Two good programs to utilize in designing web graphics in these formats are GIF Animation Factory and PhotoShop.
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