6 Reasons You Want to Redesign Your Website For Better Results

It seems like everyone has a website today. You may be one of the many. Maybe you did a (DIY) do it yourself website, followed the wizard and then you were done. You shared it with your family and friends. Maybe you have even sold products and services from your site to your friends and family. But, not much more has happened with your site. You are at a standstill and don’t know what happened or what to do at this point. Is it the product or service…or perhaps it is time for a redesign for your website? Not just the look of the site but the mechanism behind the face. Does your site have enough plug ins? Is your site SEO optimized?

Redesigning your site could be the very lift your business needs to boast your internet presence. So what are the six things that redesigning you website can do for your business?

More professional look – Perhaps you are stilling using the website that your son built for you when you first started your business. It is there but it isn’t representing you or your business anymore. You want to take your image to the next level and attract a new audience. Maybe you are adding products and services to your selling mix and it is time for an overhaul of your site to properly present.

Improve the mechanism for SEO optimization – Even if you created your website last year, technology is constantly moving forward and this is true in the website theme arena. The newest themes have features that you could equate to buying a car today with a GPS and Bluetooth built in. Your website is down the corner, around the other building and in the ally. Potential visitors need guidance to get to your establishment. Simply updating your site theme could give you the mechanism for better search engine optimization. The newer themes allow you to do things with your site with built ins that once took hours to find and then implement.

Add elements to attract the right visitors – There are ways to attract visitors to your site now that were virtually impossible before. The newest web themes are ready for the latest and greatest features. If you can imagine it then it is fairly possible that it can be implemented.

Capture data to create a list for future sales – You may be getting traffic to your site and selling products or services with your existing site. However, you haven’t made a sale until you have them coming back for more. Return visits to your site is the life blood of your business. The best way to get return customers is to capture their information. Just getting a name and e-mail address goes a long way. If they are truly interested in your stuff and you are willing to give them something of value for the exchange of information, then they will give you genuine capture information. Now you have a chance to make a customer for life by sending them e-mails that keep them up on what you are doing with your products and services and how you can help them solve whatever problem your products solve.

Streamline and speed up your site painting – Nothing worse than going to a website and having to wait forever for it to load. When you add things to old technology themes, you bog down your site and the speed suffers. Maybe you have too many photos residing on the site, or too many rotating gifs that slow your site down. With the newer themes, the newer features are considered and streamlining the process is built in so that speed is not a factor.

Rise above your competition – Everyone has a web site and marketing materials. Develop a winning brand that makes you stand out in your industry and drive better results for your business. That’s how you grow.

By Scott D Brown

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