How to Decide – Custom or Template Web Site Design?

How to Decide – Custom or Template Web Site Design?

If you’re starting a web site and planning to make some money from the site, you have to design on the design of your website, custom or template designs.

What is a template web site design and how different is it compared to a custom design?

For those who are not particular about the design about their website and is more concerned with the content and ranking of their web sites in search engines, then custom web site design is probably not necessary.

This is especially true if you have just started out in your business and don’t have a big budget for the design of your custom web site.

Without a single smidgen of a doubt, the design and structure of your web site is very important to the success of your online business. If the design is good and easy to navigate, you will eventually find more repeat customers. If the design is hard to navigate, you’ll lose customers even before they have a chance to see the potential of your products and services.

So, templates are good too if you have only a couple of pages and don’t have a lot of sections. Sometimes, the simpler the design is, the more customers you will get.

When is a custom design web site necessary for an online business?

It’s advisable for you to get someone to come up with a design unique to your web site if you plan to have an informational web site. A web site with reviews, information, articles and plan to attract your customers into buying from you by using the ‘stickiness’ technique.

Because I am assuming that you’re going to have a lot of information that is categorized into different categories, you need a clean-cut and professional looking web site design. Therefore, get someone to customize the design for you.

A custom design is also advisable for people who are planning to sell products and services from lots of categories, like beauty products, softwares, PC, games…etc. As you can see, they are all not related to each other in any way at all and they have to be separated into their own category. In such a case, I think it’s best that you invest in a separated design.

How to find people who are willing to custom design my web site or me cheaply?

Granted, we’re all working at a very low budget and cannot afford expensive design services from advertising agencies or web design companies that have lots of web designers who can custom design your web site for you.

You’re not alone. There are lots of us who are low on budget and big on dreams.

But don’t let our budget be an obstacle to our dreams of making some money on the internet via our web site.

You can find lots of freelance or contract workers who are willing to design your web site for you for below $100 from freelance websites. Some of them are college students who are looking to make some extra pocket money or fatten up their portfolio. Some of them need the experience and money to get them through college. So, making use of them is a good idea.

If you don’t think you can rely on people whom you can’t personally see, you can ask around and see if anyone knows of anyone who can offer you custom web site design services at an affordable price.
— Marsha Maung

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