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You Can Be Your own Web Host

Nowadays it is possible for you to become your own web host. Machine prices are down. Web servers have become much faster with the new technology. You know a large number of websites use only a small portion of a web server’s resources and so a single web server can nowadays host a large number of web sites on it without any performance degradation. To become a web host for yourself, you must be a technologically sound person and you must know the basic concepts of setting up web servers.

You also must have a high speed dedicated Internet connection to your web server and as a webmaster you have to go for high band width (Band width is the measurement of data that is sent from the web server down to the visitor’s computer). Functioning as a web host is really time consuming and so you must have enough time to dedicate for this. And finally, you must be able to solve different problems that may occur in web servers.

If you don’t meet the above requirements, you may drop the project of becoming your own web host and consult a web hosting service.

Web Server Requirements for Web Host

The major points to be noted for setting up your own web server are

(1) You should have a computer dedicated as a web server,

(2) You must have a high speed broadband Internet connection for faster data transfer and a Network Interface Card (NIC),

(3) A computer that will be enough to keep up with server requests because many web sites hosted on the servers need high end performance capabilities,

(4) You should have an installed copy of Linux OS since Linux is one of the most popular server operating systems (You can also opt for Windows operating system for the server purpose),

(5) An ISP or Internet connection that can support web traffic and that can allow users to run web servers on it’s connection.

Linux OS Web Server for Web Host

Linux web hosting has become very popular nowadays. There are a number of Linux flavors to choose from. They include RedHat, Slackware and Debian. Before going for this, you need to learn Linux operating system thoroughly. The Linux operating system is freely downloadable from the Internet. You can make a thorough study of Linux operating system by visiting at the following websites.

1) Debian Server

2) Slackware Server – There are other Linux learning sites and they are “www.yolinux.com”, and “www.isolinux org”.

Windows OS Web Server for Web Host

Windows OS is, of course, quite a good operating system to act as a web server. Like Linux, Windows operating system has different versions.

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Broadband internet these days are getting much faster and cheaper too.

the nice thing about broadband internet is that it gets cheaper each year

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