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Linking Ecommerce Web Site Design with the World

One of the nicest things about any ecommerce Web site design is that once you’re up and running, the World Wide Web kind of absorbs you and melds your existence with the rest of the Web. Search engines will eventually crawl across your pages, indexing them for the use of surfers. Your associates will all bookmark your online brand identity and email its online location to friends and family so they can show off their workplace.

Experts in your industry might refer to your site in articles that promote the both of you, provided you provide useful content and prod them to access it. And even your enemies will be more able to watch your business grow!

For example, if you’re a big chemical conglomerate, you can be sure that,, and will all be linking to your site. You may even get saddled with a link from a really eccentric conspiracy group like,!

There really isn’t much you can do about this issue. If you provide industry content and company data, even your foes are going to link to it for all its worth. This is the gift and the curse of the Internet. We are all neighbors. You can’t avoid us.

Avoiding Frotage in your Ecommerce Web Site Design

When someone invades your personal space, getting so close that they rub up against you, they may be “catching a feel,” so to speak. Naturally, this kind of thing happens accidentally, so it may seem innocent enough under certain circumstances, such as tightly packed elevators and getting in line in boot camp.

Culturally, when we experience dense social packing such as we do in many of our urban areas – Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. – our required personal space gets worn down. We just learn to not care as much about people standing 12″ away from us. But, those of us living out in the boonies, or living galloping lifestyles out on the wide open plains, are more likely to have an expectancy of about 30″ of personal space.

Violating this range may not set off immediate alarms, but the person is aware their space is being moved into. The citizens of China have almost no sense of personal space. When shopping they will cram up to the counter tightly.

On the Web, the world is as dense as we can make it. In fact, as a business, you want to experience the virtual equivalent of dense social packing. You want visitors to squeeze into your site! If you need to upgrade your traffic allotment because you’re getting too many visitors, that’s a good thing!

You just have to accept that when someone you don’t like wants to reach out and touch your site, you can’t do much about it. Just keep in mind the old notion that even bad press is good press.

How Does Your Ecommerce Web Site Design Use Space?

Ask yourself this. If you place a story on a single page of your ecommerce Web site design, and someone trying to damage your company links to it, will it appear out of context? In other words, are you allowing some of your content pages to be posted like single page documents?

If you want to control information on your site, then you need to control your use of space. If a page can be externally bookmarked, and the data or news is not accompanied by summaries of links to related information, someone may not be getting the whole picture! If you just post a document on its own page, without developing its relationship to the bigger corporate picture, a link to just that document may put the information in a different light.

Someone coming from a site that claims you frequently produce evil chemicals and place them in dump sites for years to come might link to a news piece that announces your company just built a new waste chemical repository. While the repository would normally be seen as a positive act, showing mature business practices, you can be sure that if you haven’t placed it in a larger context, then its going to appear criminally supportive of the linking site’s claim!

Don’t just drop information and content into your site structure like you’re archiving used chemicals. Provide supporting links and summaries of other information so people can quickly get a broader picture.
Ian Hess

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