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Messengers are a marvelous way of keeping in touch with friends, family and even colleagues at work. Free messengers are a feature offered by all the major web portals. You can share files and photographs, music and news with all those you have on your contact list. Instant messaging can be made fun as well by using smileys, cartoon characters, and wallpapers. In a word, your whole online world is easily contactable. The messengers commonly used are AOL’s AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Messaging, and the ICQ. The new kid on the block is Digsby.

These messengers are easy to download and come with many features, not the least being that you can connect instantly with anyone who is on your contact list. You can send messages directly from your inbox and a record is kept so that in case you want to refer to a message, you can access it easily. Free messengers are a boon because they help you to contact even your business associates and partners instantly. In today’s world, time is of the essence and to keep pace with a swiftly moving world, communication has to be just as swift if not swifter.

When you are online and messaging your friend, another friend or contact can also join in either in your conversation, or you can carry on a separate conversation in another window. Neither is disturbed, and both work beautifully. Free messengers are developing and refining their features in such a way that not only are they offering a whole lot of special attractions, but they also make the whole thing very user-friendly. You can see new photographs that your friends have posted, and should your friend or friends be online at the same, time, you can even play a game together. This is really companionship in cyber world!

When you constantly update your status message, you are sharing the latest information with your friends and so, even if you cannot physically be with them, you will know all about what is happening with your friend, even as he or she keeps up-to-date with what is happening to and with you. Free messengers have become very dynamic tools of communication. Your whole group of friends will be in complete sync with each other. The free messenger service also helps in social causes. Through the Facebook or chat, or IM, you can contact a wide range of people and get their opinion on some current issue. This is far from being a passive experience.

Adam Keshier is an expert on internet messaging services and a big fan of Digsby.

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