Outlook Express and Malware Registry Entries Can Slow Down the Processor

Anyone that uses their computer to get information online, whether they are using Outlook Express for e-mail or a web browser, knows that the risk of getting malware is fairly high. Any time a computer gets information from the Internet, that information can contain malware.

As long as the majority of computer users run any of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, there is a necessity for at least three types of programs to be installed. The three most important programs any Windows user needs is a virus protection program, a malware removal program and a registry cleaner.

Those that use their computers daily and use programs like Outlook Express and Internet explorer are sometimes more at risk of getting malware on their PCs that can make registry changes that are hard to fix, even when the malware has been removed. These registry changes can slow down the computer by causing the processor to actively try to run applications that are not even on the computer.

Most people that use their computers every day will quickly start to see their PCs slowing down over time as these old or redundant registry entries begin to pile up. Every time a computer user adds or removes a program there is a change to the registry. Also when using programs like Outlook Express, the accounts that are set up to retrieve e-mail have registry entries, so when these settings are changed some of the entries can be left behind causing the processor to slow down.

All of us have experienced some type of computer problems and fumbled around to try to fix them. On occasions people have damaged their registry trying to fix a problem. Trying to remove malware manually is a very common cause of registry damage. Most malware programs can add all kinds of crazy registry entries and when improperly removed can cause damage that can slow a computer down even more.

To speed up any computer running a Windows OS most people would recommend starting by turning off auto start up programs. When these options are changed there is typically a change to the registry. Then remove programs that are not being used at all on the computer. After that use some type of good registry cleaner program. These few steps will take only a short period of time to do, but could help speed up a computer considerably.

With its advanced registry cleaning technology, Optimize-Your-PC can help you fix PC errors, including those found in Outlook Express, and have your PC running like new again in under 2 minutes!

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