What is Svchost?

Svchost stands for Service Host. At startup svchost checks for services in the Windows XP registry that must be run through svchost.exe. Svchost is crucial to checking the Windows registry and loading the services from the dynamic link libraries (DNL) on your computer. The processes are grouped together to allow for easier control and debugging.

You can see the services that are running in svchost by

1. Click Start, then Run.
2. In Open box type CMD; then press Enter
3. Type Tasklist/SVC; then press Enter

Tasklist shows the active processes, and /SVC shows the active services. Tasklist is shown only on Windows XP Professional Edition and Vista.

Use Process Explorer in Windows XP Home Edition.

Svchost files are controlled by the user or administrator within the operating system’s registry, and are located in different locations, depending on the type of operating system. Several Svchosts will be running at the same time.

Hosts can block or filter online advertising, malicious spyware, adware and other unwanted intrusions in email. When the user directs a site to be blocked, the host assigns an invalid IP address which returns the message to the sender. However, there are clever trojan viruses and worms that can bypass the security system, so anti-virus software should be updated periodically to insure that a computer remains safe from hackers. An easy way to protect your computer is to set the file permission to “read only.”

Another way to protect your computer is to:

• install firewall protections
• reconfigure security settings
• update systems when prompted
• install spyware programs and run frequently
• open only sites that you know and trust
• periodically run a registry cleaning program

Svchost.exe errors will be eliminated, and your computer will show an increase in speed at start up and when running programs. A knowledgeable user or tech is able to disable unnecessary services that do not need to be running on start up. The casual user can easily fix svchost errors by using registry cleaning software that is able to organize and trim down svchosts to the most used services. A simple download of a good registry cleaning software will eliminate obsolete or corrupt drivers, partially installed or uninstalled software and malicious spyware and malware.

Periodic registry cleaning and updating installed software and anti-virus software will keep your PC running smoothly

With its advanced registry cleaning technology, Optimize-Your-PC can help you fix PC errors, including svchost, and have your PC running like new in under 2 minutes.

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