Netbooks – The Future of Computing

A netbook is a basically a mini laptop ideal for viewing emails, documents, watching DVDs, playing music, and other such small task applications on the go. Personally, I own a netbook and use it to browse the internet and play my DVDs. As a main computer, I have a macbook pro. However, my Q2 MSI Wind netbook serves as a travel companion; allowing me to stay connected to my friends and family and have fun.


Physically speaking, a netbook usually has a screen that is 10 inches or smaller. The processor is also usually an Intel Atom processor, which has low power consumption and is ideal for basic computing. The Ram and hard drive space are also sufficient for the everyday computer (i.e 512MB of ram, 80GB hard drive). Some of the netbooks have solid state hard drives, which basically translates to “no moving part” hard drives. These hard drives can endure bumps and falls and will not break because they are flash memory. The downside is that netbooks only feature either 8GB or 16 GB hard drives. Netbooks also have no CD drive and as a result, a computer cannot install software easily. However, since USB drives are included, a person can just connect an external CD/DVD drive to their computer.


Most netbooks feature Windows XP and run fast and great. However, I have also seen netbooks that run Linux; rather it is a custom distribution of linux that is tailored by the manufacturer of the netbook. I personally like Linux because I do not have to worry about viruses and for me, it is just easier to operate. The preference depends on the type of person and their experience with computers.


A netbook is a great computer with good power and performance to be an able companion on a long trip. The battery life is about 4 hours and can be longer with an upgraded battery. I highly recommend for the traveling type of people to get a netbook.

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