How to Understand and Profit Best From RSS

RSS is a simple to use publishing tool, delivering internet content to subscribers. If you are not yet using RSS to keep yourself up to date with the best and accurate information available on the web, then you should start today! You will never have to check your favorite sites manually every day. Once you start subscribing to your preferred RSS feeds, you will be informed just in time the news occur and it will save you a lot of valuable time you can better use to follow your important business tasks.

I have done some research on RSS and put together this short report in order to help you to understand and set up RSS fast without much effort. If you want to read the full story about RSS, go to Wikipedia and check the two recommended links in my bio.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences, while eliminating short comings of delivery channels, such as e-mail. RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds, i.e. simple files structured in XML format which enables internet content publishers to easily deliver information about their specific content to end-users.

In a way, this can be best compared to e-mail content alert services, which send you an e-mail message every time content you are interested in is published on a specific web site, letting you know that a new article you are interested in is available on the Web. You certainly notice these square orange buttons with the white point and 2 white stripes, found almost on every blog and other interactive site. To start receiving RSS-Feeds, you need a “News Reader”, a piece of software that checks the feeds and lets you read any new article that has been added.

The main two versions are accessed using a browser (like Firefox) or downloadable applications that let you store content on your computer. The browser version is far enough for the beginning and to stay top informed. I recommend downloading the free Google Reader which constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for fresh content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you are informed instantly. Others are Windows RSS Reader and Mac-NetNewsWire.

Once you are set up, Right-Click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you. Then select Copy Shortcut (“Copy Link to Clipboard” for Mac, “Copy Link Location” for Firefox browsers) and paste that URL into your RSS Reader. You are done and are now subscribed to get alerts every time new content or information is made available.

Autoresponders are a great marketing tool but the success or failure remains with your prospects which more and more are reluctant to give you their e-mail address. With RSS you have the same power than with an autoresponder, but without the fear people have with e-mail. RSS has 100% content delivery and Spam Filters do not matter anymore. With RSS you can easily deliver daily or even hourly news to your subscribers. Using personalisation, you have the same power as with an autoresponder.

Here are some examples how RSS can be used effectively: Direct Marketing, Ezine Publishing, Lead Generation, Monetising your Reports and eBooks, General Advertising, etc. For example, Amazon uses RSS to announce their best sellers to their subscribers. You can do the same with your Newsletter, Ezine or any other information you want to spread in your niche market.

RSS connects people in real time, your content can be published on other websites and therefore increasing your traffic and Search Engine rankings. It helps you to generate new Subscribers, increase your affiliate sales and to get valuable feedback. Use RSS to deliver information and directions to your affiliates and business partners.

RSS is free, fast and present everywhere – make use of it, take advantage for your business or just to facilitate your work day. An RSS promotion starts on your website and it is there, where you invite your visitors to subscribe to your feed. Therefore place the RSS button at the best possible place. I hope this article has given you a good insight on RSS and its tremendous marketing power.

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