What Hosting Services Are Available?

Websites with complicated applications usually operate with servers to run smoothly. Managing these servers is basically what an Internet hosting service provides. It ensures good upstream bandwidth for an operated website so that the website’s interface or control panels will quickly respond. It usually offers a combined variety of services, ranging from email hosting to DNS hosting.

Here are some of the hosting services that are limited to web applications:

Free web hosting service

It is usually advertisement-supported and easily enjoyed by personal websites. Understandably, it provides limited hosting service as compared to paid hosting.

Shared web-hosting service

A number of websites, ranging from hundreds to thousands, may be placed on the same server and therefore share a common of server sources such as RAM and CPU.

Reseller web hosting service

This enables clients to double as web hosts, facilitating various applications that accommodate individual domains. This type of hosting service largely varies in size and may have its own virtual dedicated server.

Virtual dedicated server

When a server is divided into virtual servers, it enables users to enjoy reliable servers, much like having their own dedicated server when actually sharing it with others. Hence, it provides users with their own virtual space or virtual private server.

Dedicated hosting service

This allows users to enjoy his or her very own server, enjoying full control over it. This type of hosting service is offered as either a self-managed or unmanaged hosting service. The great thing about dedicated hosting is that it offers the least expensive hosting service but the clients will be the ones responsible for the security and maintenance of their own dedicated box.

Managed hosting

This is the kind of service that provides clients with their own web server but not full control over it. It also allows clients to manage their data with FTS and other remote management tools. Managed hosting services usually do not give full control over the servers to prevent server modifications and configuration problems, which usually compromise the security and reliability of the web host.

Collocation web hosting service

This service is very similar to dedicated web hosting, only it gives the client colo server, the one that gives them the physical space that the server may take up. Usually, this type of hosting service provides the customers with electrical, Internet access and storage facilities for the server, but little to no hardware support. This kind of service is ideal for clients who require complex web hosting services. However, they would need their own administrator to visit the collocation provider’s data centre on site to do necessary hardware upgrades or changes.

Clustered hosting

This makes use of multiple servers to host to provide more efficient content resource utilization. This type of hosting service can create scalable web hosting solutions. It is also perfect for clients who are looking for high-availability dedicated hosting.

Grid hosting

This is a form of distributed hosting. This type of hosting service acts as a grid that has multiple nodes, allowing clients to be more organized in managing their servers.

Home servers

As the name implies, it is particularly designed for home use. It makes use of a machine that is installed inside the private residence, working with a consumer-grade broadband connection in hosting one or more web sites.

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