Is There Such a Thing As Free Web Design?

Free Web Design – does it exist?

The simple answer to the question “is there such a thing as free web design”, is no. So why read the rest of this article? Because there are lots of free things that can help you with web design.

Free is good. We all like free. But why should we expect anyone to expend time, training, and ability to give us something. Especially if we are perfect strangers.

How is it possible that we can find free tools that will truly help us to design our web sites? To understand the phenomenon of free that we see so often on the Internet we need to look at the Internet History.

The Internet has been grown like a garden lovingly cared for by people who are nuts about computers. These people, by their very nature love to experiment and discover new stuff they can do with computers.

The products of these experiments would die a sad and lonely death on desktop computers and leave their creators unfulfilled if they were not offered to others and put into use.

These developers of so many useful tools find it far more fulfilling to see their work used on the Internet, so many of them offer these tools for free.

Why don’t they sell these web design tools instead of offering them for free?

There are a number of reasons why developers offer web design tools for free. Some of these developers have more sophisticated versions of the tools which they sell. By offering the simple web design tool for free, they hope to interest you in purchasing the more powerful version.

Other developers might offer several free design tools while selling one tool. Others simply have created one specific web design tool for their own use and decide to offer it to others for free.

Many of the developers of free web design tools earn their living as developers, so the development of a single tool that performs a specific task is just not important enough to warrant their time or money to market.

When you select a free tool to use for your web design and you discover that this tool is very handy and effective, you should ‘pay’ the developer. You can do this by simply sending him/her an email saying thank you, or you can give them credit and a link on your web site. While few of these developers ask for this payment, all of them appreciate it.

How do you select a free web design tool?

Care should always be taken when choosing to download anything from the Internet. For as many good guys who are developing handy web design tools there are an equal number of bad guys who are developing virus and other bad juju for you to download and cause your computer to go belly up.

When searching for free web design tools, always choose web sites that you know are safe and download only from them.

— Mickey Dodson

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I think it all depends on your budget.

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i know what your saying i have gotten alot of help on the internet for my blog and website but there are things i dont know that i have to pay to get worked on. i dont mind getting some help but i do really enjoy constructing as much as i can

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